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Patient experience: Saša Golob, athlete

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The burden fell of her shoulder

32-golobsasa-c93bf358e3f734bbBefore Saša Golob, our successful athlete, two years ago won the first place in women’s floor exercise of the World Challenge Cup, she had to deal with one of the biggest obstacles of professional athletes – an injury. “The worst feeling is when you want to, you know that you can and you would like to do your best, but your body doesn’t let you,” Saša remembers her most difficult season.

In 2010 without any injury she started to feel pain in her left shoulder. She searched for help in physiotherapy but the pain did not cease. When after about three months the pain was so severe that she could not lift her arm, she finally visited Artros where she was examined by an orthopedic specialist.

The diagnosis of Dr. Mikek was not encouraging. The muscle in the left shoulder was so damaged that an immediate shoulder arthroscopy was inevitable. “I was not afraid of the operation because I trusted Dr. Mikek completely. He took the time to explain the complete process of the operative treatment and rehabilitation, and answered to all of my questions. He was very kind,” says Saša about the doctor. “I was just afraid that the shoulder wouldn’t recover soon enough. Right before the surgery I signed a scholarship contract with a USA university, and until departure, i.e. six months after surgery I had to be in shape just like I was before the injury occurred.”

Fortunately Saša’s body responded very well to the rehabilitation in the center Artros Reha. Three months after the operation the athlete could perform a stand, while for exercises on bars where body weight mainly loads shoulders she was ready in six months. In that period I had a feeling that I could load the shoulder more than I was allowed to, but I didn’t because the injury could occur again. For this reason I strictly obeyed the instructions Dr. Mikek and the physiotherapist Mojca gave me, although sometimes it was very difficult,” admits the athlete.

Today she is very grateful to herself for patience. Because of the correct rehabilitation, there are almost no consequences of injury, and she can perform all gymnastic exercises. Now, she is in the first place in women’s floor exercise of the World Challenge Cup, and if she continues this way she could repeat the great results from 2012.


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