Center for Orthopedic and Sports Injuries

About us

We are a private orthopedic center, specialized for treatment of musculoskeletal system injuries and disorders. We excel in professionalism, devotion to our patients and the most modern technological equipment of the center. In our clinic, we assure specialized clinical consultations, comprehensive diagnostics, different types of conservative treatment, arthroscopic surgical procedures, and rehabilitation with physical therapy.

Main goal, which we pursue, is offering top-level orthopedic services with the intention of returning the optimal function to the affected joint. With quality work and professionalism, we strive to become the leading center for orthopedics and sport injuries in the wider region.

In cooperation with other respectable institutions and acknowledged experts, we are in charge of innovations in the field of early detection and treatment of cartilage wear and in the field of arthroscopic minimally invasive treatment of injuries and joint disorders. We devote a lot of attention and effort to transferring professional experience and knowledge. The doctors of our center are co-organizers of the traditional international professional meeting International Live Arthroscopy Festival, which is attended by acknowledged international professionals from field of arthroscopic surgery and sport injuries treatment.  Every year, we organize many workshops and specialized symposiums for physiotherapists and sports coaches, and other specialized workshops, which are part of the process of prevention, early detection, nursing and rehabilitation of various sports injuries.

We are aware that stimulating development of all elements of quality is necessary for top-level achievements. We intensively invest in both, knowledge and technology. We want that quality in all of the fields of our practice forms a basis of your trust.




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