Center for Orthopedic and Sports Injuries

Ambulatory visits

Orthopedic specialist examination

The main aim of an examination by an orthopedic expert is to find causes of problems connected with the musculoskeletal system. Usually, this kind of examination is the basis for additional diagnostics or for determination and discussion of further treatment.  The latter may be conservative with various forms of physical therapy or operative with the minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure or with a classic surgery. Because of subspecializations of our orthopedists when making an appointment for an examination, the administrator helps, according to the patient’s problem, in selecting the proper orthopedist.


 Physical and rehabilitation Medicine specialist examinations

Our Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine specialist performs clinical examinations and ultrasound diagnostic examinations.  According to the examination results, he advises different types of conservative treatments; among these is also the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy. He actively takes part in physiotherapy management and in making programs of late rehabilitation of athletes with Isokinetic testing.
Within a physiatric examination, a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) can be performed. This evaluation is important to determine the ability of the musculoskeletal system of the evaluated to function in a variety of circumstances, most often employment, in an objective manner, which is normally required to obtain the status of disabled.


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